Chutney: noun (pl. chutneys)a spicy condiment made of fruits or vegetables with Indian spices.

The fresh chutneys from Hampton Chutney Co. are changing America's perception of traditional chutneys. Hampton Chutney Co. chutneys are a rich, flavorful and a intriguingly complex blend of tastes. That complexity is revealed by reading the label of any one of the six flavors: Cilantro, Mango, Tomato, Curry, Pumpkin or Peanut.

The Cilantro chutney, for example, is composed not only of cilantro, but coconut, dates, chilies, ginger, lemon juice, a handful of spices and a touch of salt. The freshness of the ingredients literally startles people who try them. Hampton Chutney chutneys are quickly replacing run-of-the-mill condiments, salsas, and sauces in everyday dining and entertaining.



8 oz. fresh Chutneys available









Hampton Chutney Variety

OUR FRESH CHUTNEYS — A Delicious Dip or Condiment

CILANTRO: An emerald-green chutney excellent tossed with shrimp or basmati rice; serve aside roasted or grilled chicken or fish; add to black beans for the perfect quesadilla filling; fold into tuna salad instead of mayonaise; even delicious on pasta dressed with roasted or grilled vegetables; or simply use as a dip with tortilla chips.

MANGO: Tropical yellow and flecked with spice, this is the ultimate condiment for all fish and seafood; also scrumptious with lamb or pork; spread on crackers and serve with an English Farmhouse cheddar or on baked brie; makes a wonderful sandwich with grilled chicken and cucumber slices; toss with tomato and avocado cubes for a delicious topping on grilled fish.

PEANUT: A creamy, nutty, mocha-colored chutney that's wonderful with crudite or as a dipping sauce for chicken; toss with soba noodles and sprinkle with fresh cilantro; mix with stir fried or steamed vegetables and serve over rice; thin with water and use to baste grilled shrimp, chicken or vegetable skewers; spread on apple slices or use as a dip for pretzels.

PUMPKIN: A hearty, rich orange chutney that's great on a roast turkey sandwich; fold into sour cream for a delicious baked potato topper; add to your bread machine recipe or biscuit mix for a savory taste; mix with fat-free cream cheese for a mouth-watering dip with pita wedges; try it on your morning bagel.

CURRY: A golden-hued sauce perfect for marinating chicken and vegetables; a wonderful crudite dip or hors d'oevre spread with cheese and crackers; swirl into a cold cucumber soup; dip shrimp or lobster into it; mix with low-fat mayonaise for a delicious artichoke dipping sauce or a dressing for grilled chicken salad.

TOMATO: Ruby-red and naturally sweet, this chutney tastes great on burgers or mozzarella sandwiches; adds zip to pasta; makes an exciting cocktail sauce or marinade for shrimp; spread atop melted cheese on a pita for a delicious homemade pizza; it's even great with scrambled eggs.


• Turkey, Brie, Red Onion and Romaine with Mango or Pumpkin Chutney on Seven Grain Bread
• Curry Chicken (2 parts curry chutney, 1 part mayo), Roasted Red Peppers & Arugula on Seven Grain Bread
• Tuna with Cilantro Chutney Dressing (3 parts cilantro chutney, 1 part mayo), Fresh Tomato, Avocado & Arugula on Black Bread
• Ham, Manchego Cheese & Arugula/Watercress with Mango Chutney on Ciabatta
• Roast Beef, Red Onion & Watercress/Arugula with Tomato Chutney on Black Bread
• Fresh Mozzarella, Avocado, Cucumber, Fresh Tomato & Sprouts with Tomato or Curry Chutney on Seven Grain Bread
• Proscuitto, Parmesan & Bitter Greens with Mango Chutney on Baguette
• Grilled Chicken, Mango Chutney, Cucumber & Romaine on Sourdough Bread
• Grilled Chicken and Grilled Scallions with Peanut Chutney on Pita or Naan Bread

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